Massage School Course Descriptions


Length of course is 63 hours

Swedish massage provides a foundation for continued studies in massage therapy.  Students will learn the theory of massage, contraindications, effects of massage, draping and proper body mechanics.  Hands-on introduction of the five basic strokes and practice with fellow students will attain the knowledge to give a full-body, one hour Swedish treatments.


Pathology, Hygiene, & Bloodborne Pathogens

Length of course is 44 hours

This course provides the student with an understanding of disease, dysfunction, bloodborne pathogens, and conditions of the body that may be encountered in the practice of massage therapy.


Length of course is 18 hours

Students will understand and learn to apply effectively, the different agents of heat and cold in body treatments.  This course includes hands-on experiences designed to expose the students to current techniques and equipment.

Chair Massage

Length of course is 18 hours

In this course, students will learn creative skills and techniques to perform a professional chair massage.  Chair massage is a great marketing strategy to build a practice.

Anatomy & Physiology

Length of course is 153 hours

This course is divided in two units.  Within each unit, student testing is an ongoing process.  A mid-term is given at the end of the first unit and a final exam at the end of the completed course.  The first unit will be an introduction to Anatomy and Physiology covering a brief introduction to the systems of the body.  It will then continue to cover a thorough understanding of the structure and function of the musculo-skeletal systems.  The second unit will cover a more in depth understanding of the systems of the body.  Primary focus is on the nervous system and organ systems and how they function individually and in relation to the whole.

Length of course is 18 hours

Reflexology is based on the theory that all body parts and organs correspond to points on the feet.  Proper manipulations and techniques are taught to identify these specific points.  Students will be able to perform a one hour treatment upon completion of this course.

Neuromuscular Techniques
Length of course is 63 hours

Students will learn to identify tension in different layers of tissue and treat them, relieving tension and increasing circulation.  The student will learn various techniques using thumbs, elbows, forearms, fingers and knuckles.