Sports Massage

Length of course 48 hours

This course is designed to give a student the skills necessary for working with an athlete.  Students will learn specific massage techniques for pre and post-event massage, rehabilitative care and range of motion.  Specific injuries will be explained and identified, and students will learn how to treat those injuries appropriately.  While 36 hours will be held on campus, 12 hours will be utilized working on athletes at various public sporting events.

Ethics & Business

Length of course 60 hours

This course provides a defined understanding of the standards and professionalism necessary for themselves and the massage profession.  In class discussion emphasizes ethical conduct and understand the professional boundaries of massage therapy.

Traditional Oriental Medicine

Length of course is 18 hours

Students will explore the basis of Oriental thinking by looking for the disharmony in the internal and external environment to treat and prevent disease.  A hands-on introduction to varies eastern therapies will also be given to help round out the student's overall education.


Length of course is 27 hours

This course introduces students to the basic skills and theories of acupressure.  Students learn about Kyo and Jitsu, Yin and Yang, the meridians of the body, and the 5-element theory.  Location and functions of acupressure points are illustrated through class instruction and hands-on practice.


Length of course 54 hours

Kinesiology is the study of movement in the human body.  This course will explain the origin, insertion, and action of the muscles that move the body.  Students will develop skills in locating boney landmarks, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and associated structures, so they can gain the ability to recognize the difference.  This provides the student with the ability to understand the relationship and function of muscles to identify areas of dysfunction and pain.

CPR/First Aid

Length of course is 8 hours

This course will provide practical instruction in CPR and basic first aid.  This will develop the skills to stimulate the student's competence and confidence with respect to their client's welfare.  This course will result in a two-year New Hampshire Safety Council Certification.

Massage School Course Descriptions